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Impress 280 Document Binding Machine  

The Impress 280 replaces the Channel Bind CH6000 (also known as the CH20); all Impress Bind and Channel Bind machines are compatible and all covers work in all machines

Impress 280

  • • Easier to use
  • More robust
  • Binds twice as many pages - 280 of 80gsm as compared to the Impress 140
  • A top quality bind in 15 seconds, no skill required.

IMPRESS 280 - True offer price £395.00
(RRP £697.81; carriage £6.00 and VAT extra)

For more details please contact David Solomon on 07973 654431

Impress Bind System :
A perfect bind in just 15 seconds

How does it work?:
Impress Bind uses pressure. A "U-shaped" metal channel is adhered inside the Impress Bind cover. The Impress Bind machine squeezes the metal, using 4,000 lbs. of pressure, around the document forming one of the strongest binds available.

Click on the following links to see for yourself how quick and easy the Impress 280 is to operate:-

Impress 280 Binding Machine Movie

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   Place the document pages in a hardback or soft cover and pull the lever.

   Impress bind covers have a revolutionary metal spine which provides a strong secure bind every time.

   Bind a book or document of up to 300 sheets in just 15 seconds.       

   Covers can be unbound and edited up to 3 times using the Impress 280 De-Binder, which, if required, is an extra to the machine.

Impress Bind machines are made by Esselte/Leitz one of the largest binding manufacturers in the world.

Impress Bind is a unique and ingenious binding system enabling you to create stylish and professional presentations from a wide range of bespoke or standard hard and soft covers (A3, A4 and A5 hard covers and A4 only in soft)

This is the fastest binding system available; one binding takes less than 15 seconds without the aid of heat, glue or perforation; no comb or heat system can match this.

It is the simplest binding system available; put your document into the binder and pull the handle. No frustration with inserting fiddly combs or messing with sticky adhesive! The document is permanently bound and yet can be simply opened and pages removed or inserted.

The finished product looks exactly like a bound hard back book; if you want a quality finish, from short runs of one and upwards, there is simply nothing to compare. The sheer speed of bind allows big savings in the cost of labour with no skill required.

Ideal for the making up of short run hard back books - especially used at Colleges and Universities and In House Print Departments

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