NextBind Ltd are THE Impress Bind Specialists

Special Offers

  1. IMPRESS 280 BINDING MACHINE (True offer price only £395.00)

    Retail Price: £995.00 Special Price: £395.00
  2. IMPRESS 140 BINDING MACHINE (True offer price only £295.00)

    Retail Price: £545.00 Special Price: £295.00
  • This section is reserved for covers that we have bought at special terms; discontinued lines, special offers and stock clearances. For the present, we have sold everything that we had had under special offer. If YOU have some dead Impress or Channel Bind stock that you would like to clear or exchange, please contact David Solomon on 07973 654431.".

    Special Offers are always the result of a special purchase and as such, subject to availability. If in doubt, please ask for our updated Special Offer list before ordering. All covers new & boxed 10’s. Terms may alter as stocks change; all covers are in 100% good condition and guaranteed by NextBind

  • Carriage inside the U.K. & Scottish Lowlands is £5.00 fixed irrespective of quantity; vat extra

  • Impress and Channel bind covers are totally interchangeable; spine sizes 17.5mm and bigger only work in the larger CH6000 and IMPRESS 280 binding machines

  • We would like to buy in your surplus Impress and Channel Bind stock. We will not pay very much (we could not and then offer the above discounts) but you will have the satisfaction of knowing they will be recycled and out of your way!! Only full boxes please. Please note that this list is a two way street; YOU may find a bargain here yourself one day!!!